Alternative Socialiste’s campaign has united political and community organizations and unions since 2015. Its members work together to increase the minimum wage in Quebec to $15/hour.
Our members assist in organizing:
  • mobilization and solidarity actions with workers fighting for a $15/hour minimum wage;
  • petition signings and distribution of flyers;
  • workshops on the history, perspectives and strategies of the movement for the $15/hour minimum wage.
We demand that the National Assembly increase the minimum wage to $15/hour now, and automatically index the cost of living for all Quebec workers, regardless of their status, work hours, place of residence or category of employer.
We seek to raise worker confidence and potential by supporting real struggles. We wish to build a network of organized activists in unions, neighborhoods, campuses and elsewhere through the fight for a $15/hour minimum wage.
We believe that only a massive campaign will reverse employer and government opposition to a $15/hour minimum wage.
We believe that the struggle for a $15/hour minimum wage is the first step in a broader struggle to oppose the hardships experienced at work by the vast majority of workers. We therefore also fight for:
  • unionization;
  • union democracy and militancy;
  • independent electoral candidates who defend working class interests at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.