Campaign for the minimum wage of $15/hour in Seattle.

Cornerstone of the movement for raising the minimum wage, which took off at the beginning of 2014, initiated by Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative, which managed to get elected to the Seattle City Council with the claim for minimum wage to $15/hr, now a global claim.

Campaign for the minimum wage of $15/hour in British Columbia.

The minimum wage in BC is one of the lowest in Canada. The cost of living increases and minimum wage worker struggle just to make ends meet. The BC Federation of Labour believes that working for a living wage should lift people out of poverty. Continue the fight for $ 15/hr.

Campaign for the minimum wage of $15/hour in Ontario

The workers have a hard time financially. More and more decent jobs are being replaced by low-income jobs. We must raise the minimum wage above the poverty line, and fairness for all workers without exemptions.

Campaign for the minimum wage of $15/hour in New York

The FightFor15 movement has taken off with a historic strike of fast food employees in New York on April 15th. To claim for minimum wage $15/hr materialized throught workers across the United States and around the world.

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