The next Verdun borough council meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 2, at 7 PM. The Sud-Ouest Committee for $15 will be there to present our propositions to the borough council.

Before the meeting, though, we need YOU! We will gather in front of Verdun City Hall starting at 6 PM to demonstrate our support for a raise in the minimum wage. Members of the committee will be there to explain why we fight for $15.

Come one, come all!

Why do we support a raise in the minimum wage to $15 per hour in Quebec, and in Verdun in particular?
-Because the current minimum wage, even working full-time every week, does not provide the earnings necessary to live above the government-defined poverty line;
-Because $15 per hour is the minimum required to cover essential needs;
-Because the borough of Verdun has a large population of workers who live on low wages.

Why are we asking the borough council of Verdun to support our campaign?
The council can help bring our resolution to the Municipal Council of Montreal and to the government of Quebec;
-The council can propose that the Commission on Economic and Social Development studies the costs, means and mechanisms necessary to apply the policy of $15 per hour, not only for employees of the City of Montreal, but also for contractors and subcontractors hired by the City;
-The council can ask that the government of Quebec provide funding to the City of Montreal and its boroughs, so that they can offer all employees of the City, subcontracting organizations or organizations offering services to residents, a wage of $15 an hour, starting now.

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